Licensing Xymon

Xymon is open-source software, licensed under the GNU GPL license version 2. This means that You are free to use Xymon for both personal and commercial use at no cost.

However, if You think that Xymon provides real value and would like to encourage the Xymon developers to continue their work, then there are a couple of options available:

Commercial license

The following commercial license options are available for Xymon:

"Hosts" are counted as number of host entries in the hosts.cfg file - this number is reported by Xymon in the "xymongen" status.

The Xymon commercial license is sold by Xymon Software, which is a company registered in Denmark as CVR reg. number 26288681.

Please contact to acquire a commercial license.


Buying a commercial license for Xymon gives You e-mail access directly to the Xymon developer team for reporting bugs and for support questions. However, due to the development being a volunteer effort, there is no guaranteed response-time, although we will make a best effort to respond to questions within 2 business days.

Last updated: Oct 13 2011